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The mission of our store is to reach out to the community and help those in need. Because we are centrally located in a community with a family income of less that 45,000 per year we buy in bulk to insure low prices. We offer one on one experience sharing and employment preparations to our customers in need as well as provide their first interview outfit if they are in recovery and living in a sober living home.


Background on owners:


Cynthia and James Scott are both writers. They met in a writers group in 2014 and quickly married. According to both of them it was love and goals at first site.  They quickly married and began working on the goal. Cynthia spent 23 years in addiction and was arrested over 17 times before she reached her exit point. She wrote a book concerning the tragedy that led her in to this path in hopes it would help others.


Our main goal with Nickel city is to be a store in the community for the community. Our motto is that "when our community works we work". If we can help our community by providing job referrals, job prep via clothing and hairstyles then they will become employable attributes to the community and will also keep us in business. You see when the community works we are able to continue to work. Every item in our store is priced to end in .55. We contribute that .55 to sober living homes, battered women shelters, women and men being released from prison, as well as families in need.


Some of the things our store has been successful in is helping one of our local sober living homes that provide weekly transportation for the women to their recovery meetings had a vehicle that the transmission went out in. With our .55 from each sale we were able to buy that home a new transmission for the van so the ladies were able to make it to their support groups and meetings.


My husband and I remain anonymous during larger donations because we prefer to see the results as opposed to receiving credit. Our joy is purely in seeing the van as it goes by on certain days and knowing that at least one girl has the chance to turn her life around. Occasionally we have representatives from local homes in our community come down and speak with us in behalf of their clients who may need special or emergency clothing for themselves or their children.


Today I speak to women in custody throughout Southern California. As a matter of fact I am the poster child and success story for the very jail I was once incarcerated in. The officers along with program directors implement my Get up and Show up program that I speak on with women everywhere. I also give this speech to local schools in an attempt to stop the cycle before it starts.


My husband owns a publishing company and focuses on getting real stories from real people into the hands of many. His personal project is sending the books into the prisons and putting them into the hands of our customers loved ones. Many of our customers are not Amazon members. Therefore it is impossible for them to get books to their family and friends. We both are writers and readers as well and feel that this is a very important time to feed the brain with as much positive food as possible during incarceration.  So we send these books free of charge and at our own expense.

We want to let the community know what we are doing so that more people in our community can take advantage of the extra perks that go with shopping at Nickel City clothing and books.


What’s next for us?


Our vision is to have a chain of these stores in Phoenix so that we can reach more communities and eventually start them up in other states. We are currently focusing on a location for men’s clothing to help out the men in our community as well.


Mr. Nickel City

52 S Mesa dr. Mesa, AZ. 85201


Nickel City Baby

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