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  We are open to reviewing manuscripts and material from both first-time authors and publishing veterans. We receive many manuscripts , so it is imperative that you read the guidelines outlined below before submitting your project. Your assistance in adhering to these standards will ensure that the agency can receive, evaluate and respond to your material as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  All Submissions should be sent to Your submission should include a one page synopsis letter and the first 30 pages of your manuscript.  

  The response time for Synopsis is two to three weeks from the time of receipt. If you do not hear back after three weeks, please re query using an alternate email address. It’s possible that our email security filter has blocked your email.

  Review of requested material currently takes two to six weeks from the time of receipt.Please do not call to check on the status of your manuscript. If you are concerned of its receipt, e-mail is the best way to inquire. If after 4-8 weeks you have not received a response regarding material we have specifically requested, we ask that you  resubmit your project via an alternate email.

  Please provide the proposal and/or (partial) manuscript on 8' x 8". The text should be, at minimum, double-spaced and non-proportionally spaced (i.e., unjustified right margins) for ease of editing. 



Please send your inquiry to: Nickel City Publication Via


Your interest in Nickel City Publications is greatly appreciated.



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